Sunshine Sky City: What comes after the gold plated furniture?

What comes after the gold plated furniture?

Shortly after being launched, Sunshine Sky City drew special attention on the media with sophisticated gold-plated modern interior amenities. The “gold-plated” details are used in the interior of the apartment such as the bathroom …, in order to enhance the luxury and royalty for the apartment. However, that is not the main value that Sunshine Sky City offers its residents.


Apartment design at Sunshine Sky City

The reason is that the Investor, Sunshine Group does not use its appearance to assert their positions in the Southern real estate market. Instead, they focus on prosperity and human values ​​inside the project which is built with great enthusiasm and resources. These values ​​create a perfect life for whoever is a Sunshine Homes’ resident: it is a relaxing, healthy, smart and convenient life.

Being aware of the necessity but scarcity of urban greenery, the Investor has generously spent a large area on trees and water to turn Sunshine Sky City into a miniature “resort”. All including inner pathway, park, arches of the ground floors and balcony are covered with the green of trees and flowers. Trees will help purify the air, creating a clean living environment and protecting the health of residents.

In addition to trees, the large water surface also helps to balance Sunshine Sky City’s temperature. That the project is located by Ca Cam River has given it a great advantage in providing a fresher and cooler atmosphere. Nevertheless, the Investor has not been “satisfied” yet. They have invested in up to 12,000 m2 of water surface of the internal rivers and landscape lakes to cover the foot of the towers. Above them are the internal walkways in form of wooden bridges providing both landscape and relaxation for residents.


A perspective of the project

Other amenities such as garden Café, library, restaurant, indoor pool, infinity rooftop pool are also designed with the most standardized criteria for residents to enjoy. Along with these are Sunshine Mart convenience store, Sunshine Maple Bear international standard kindergarten, gym-fitness center and spa … which meet all basic needs quickly.

Life in Sunshine Sky City is not only healthy but also convenient and smart with “Smart Living 4.0” technology. This is the pioneering project in South Saigon investing in superior technology “Smart Living 4.0”. With “Smart Living”, an apartment is not simply a smart apartment with separate devices installed. It is a closed technology system with various  outstanding advantages including: Smart Security – Smart layered security with Face ID technology to identify the owner, smart and safe door lock and wide-angle observation security camera being able of warning of unauthorized intrusion; Smart Parking – Smart parking lot with the ability to select, notify and navigate vacancies when a car arrives at the parking lot and Smart Home with scenario planning technology basing on daily needs, all activities are set up with just “one touch”. Along with these are facilities such as the smart multi-function speaker, which can recognize direct voice commands for instant assistance interaction. Smart Management whose function is to support management of typical activities of the apartment such as: booking luxury cars on Sunshine Cab, booking movie tickets, paying utility bills, calling apartment repair services…

Ease to own

The average price of a 2-bedroom apartment in Sunshine Sky City is about 4 billion Vietnamese dong. Customers shall pay 10% of the apartment value, or 400 million Vietnamese at the first payment stage. VPBank will provide customers with no-interest loans during the preferential interest rate period to pay for 70% of the apartment’s price. Regarding the remainder, the Investor will extend the payment time to 7 months from the date the bank completes disbursement.


Sunshine Sky City builds prosperous living values ​​for residents

For customers who use their own money to purchase Sunshine Sky City apartments, the Investor is thoughtful to set up the most flexible payment methods for customers.

Accordingly, within the first 7 months, customers will pay 25% of the value of the apartment. Afterwards, customers only have to make monthly payments of 2.5% until the date of receiving the handover notice from the Investor. Thus, the payment schedule has been “arranged” the most flexibly, giving maximum support for home buyers.

Sunshine Group is also applying a special promotion program for customers in October. Specifically, customers will be given an interior package of up to 200 million Vietnamese dong when becoming the owner of the apartments here. In addition, attractive incentive policies for fast payment customers are also adopted in this period.

Detailed information about Sunshine Sky City:

Hotline: 1800 6897