Sunshine Sky City: “specialty” in high-class apartment segment

Identification factors of a high-class apartment

The definition of a luxury apartment always has quite specific regulations. Being in this segment, a project must meet the rigorous requirements, based on the criteria of location, design, furniture, utilities, service after operation.

Firstly, high-end apartment projects must be located in prime locations, where there is a convenient transportation network and easy access to entertainment, shopping, health, education, sports … In particular, the projects are not only near the administrative centers, finance or major constructions but also have rare advantages such as nearby natural rivers and lakes, healthy living space, prosperous feng shui.

The high-end project must be located in a convenient location (Photo: Sunshine Sky City)

Secondly, a high-class apartment project requires a synchronous and modern utility system that meets the 5-star standard. Because successful and well-financing people always have strict requirements on the level of convenience and class of accommodation. Along with that, the more detailed the project is, the higher it gets in high-end apartment segment.

However, the real estate market is in “good and bad mix together” scenario. Smart customers often place their trust in reputable investors who have completed high-end projects because these are “guarantees” for customers to test their product quality most clearly, so each m2 of high-class apartments will have a minimum selling price at about 40-50 million per m2. In accordance with market supply and which factors are achieved, the selling price can vary significantly.

According to a report of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA), in the first 6 months, the city only received limited supply with a total of 7,313 apartments. Particularly, the high-end segment decreases by 43.8% (2,227 units compared to 3,965 units in the same period of last year). The investors identify that this scarcity would increase the price of the project in the foreseeable future.

Sunshine Sky City – Paying attention to every detail

Sunshine Sky City is located in the center of Phu My Hung – an area which is famous for class, success and intellectual community and perfect transportation infrastructures. In particular, recently, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has decided to design the Thu Thiem 4 Bridge, which promises to become a new gateway connecting the East and South Saigon. This area does not have a lot of land for new projects, so thanks to this strategic location, Sunshine Sky City received sympathy of customers from the first beginning.

Living space in Sunshine Sky City, the project deserves to be “specialty” in the high-end segment

As a successful investor with many luxury projects in Hanoi, Sunshine Sky City continues to affirm its position and superiority when the investor makes an effort to building a comfortable living space with resort standard convenient system providing residents with a fresh living experience in the center of the city. Because of diverse system of facilities such as a multi-purpose sports court, parks and inter-building promenades, landscape, infinity swimming pools, BBQ grills, libraries, Sunshine Mart supermarket system, S-Fitness and Spa system, preschool, indoor and outdoor children’s playground … Sunshine Sky City is considered as a smart mini city with many worthy plus points.

Resort standard convenient system at Sunshine Sky City

Another factor that makes Sunshine Sky City a “specialty” in the high-end apartment segment is the cooperation with Progetto Lusso Industrial Cluster – the Association of manual furniture manufacturing units from Italy. Progetto Lusso will consult and provide apartment interior design packages according to each client’s unique needs. With this cooperation, Sunshine Sky City apartment will become a pioneer project that breaks all normal living standards.

With the cooperation with the Progetto Lusso Industrial Cluster, Sunshine Sity Saigon is expected to become a pioneer project breaking all normal luxury standards.

Each apartment uses high-quality materials with imported equipment such as noise-proof fire doors of Europe, Kohler bathroom equipment and Eurowindow windows … The difference is when put into use, each utility here can be managed and operated through applications developed by Sunshine Group, towards the “smart living” style of the 4.0 era.

Special preferential policy in October

The investor is currently applying a special preferential program for buyers of Sunshine Sky City apartments in October. Specifically, customers will be given an interior package of up to 200 million when becoming the owner of the apartment. In addition, attractive incentive policies for fast payment customers are also applied in this phase.

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