Sunshine Sky City: symbol of prosperity in the heart of the Southern of Saigon

The architecture symbol of the Southern area

Sunshine City Sai Gon is designed as the symbol of the miniature city of light in the heart of magnificent Saigon. Nine towers are proudly and firmly located with spilled glass architecture, bringing modern and fashionable to the overall project. Low-E glass system not only creates aesthetics, but also works effectively against harmful UV rays, saves energy and creates a sense of spaciousness for each apartment.

At night, the whole project is brightened up by the modern led light system. The Owner further discloses that, on holidays, Tet and special occasions, all exterior architecture of Sunshine City Sai Gon shall become the super big “led monitors” to further inherit the general festival atmosphere of Saigon city. As the first time, being located at the civilized Southern area, a big project with modern and brilliant architecture shall become the proud living symbol for anyone who owns.

The lightning technology is known as the “specialty” that the owner of Sunshine Group is positioning for their own products. Some projects have applied the led light system in Hanoi such as: Sunshine Center, Sunshine City Hanoi, and Sunshine Riverside. These projects have contributed to change the appearance of the area like Sunshine Sky City which shall become the center point of the Southern of Sai Gon in the upcoming time.

Sunshine Sky City is also the first project in Saigon that owns a system of parks and inter-court bridges. Residents can walk between “halfway” heavens, from tower to tower. Not only providing an enjoyable experience for residents, the overhead suspension system also brings a unique, new look that few projects have.

Sunshine Sky City also owns a “huge” water surface area of more than 12,000 m2. This total water surface area is allocated to the internal river system and landscape lakes as well as various pool clusters. The landscape lake is designed continuously under the tower’s foot to create a beautiful landscape, which makes Sunshine Sky City look as a prosperous oasis in the heart of Saigon.


A corner of green campus in Sunshine Sky City

To complete the architectural symbol, the interior design of the project cannot be ignored. The inspiration for interior design of Sunshine Sky City comes from neoclassical European style. It is a mixture of romantic elements of classical breath and elegant style of the modernity. All of them converged to make the irresistible beauty for Sunshine Sky City – the most worthwhile project in the Southern today.

The prosperous living symbol

Sunshine Sky City not only wears a “beautiful shirt”, it is also a project imprinted with the quality of life.

Sunshine Sky City’s design inspiration comes from wonderful resorts around the world. You can immerse yourself in a large space and live with nature here. These details are transformed and applied wonderfully into the project. The whole base is greened by rich trees and vegetation. From the inner walkway, the winding arches of the podium, to the garden hanging above the apartment floors are covered with lush green like a tropical resort.

In addition to make the beautiful scenery, the landscape lake also becomes a relaxing utility for residents when walking on wooden bride or chatting on the Bungalow. Especially, the art overflow waterfall also gives your family the most comfortable relaxing moments.


Wooden bridge on the lake for a walk

Other facilities such as garden cafe, library, restaurant, indoor pool, infinity pool on the roof are also the most standard investment for residents to enjoy. Convenient Sunshine Mart, Sunshine Maple Bear international standard kindergarten, gym-fitness area, spa …are also quickly served for all living demands.

Sunshine Sky City is also a pioneer project in the Southern of Saigon to be invested with superior living technology “Smart Living 4.0”. With “Smart Living”, an apartment is not merely a smart apartment with remote controlled devices. It is a closed technology system with 4 groups of smart solutions including: Smart Parking – smart parking lot with the ability to automatically select and notify the vacancy when the vehicle arrives at the parking lot; Smart Security – Smart multi-layer protection with owner Face ID identification technology; Smart Home is invested with the most advanced equipment; Smart Management – a scenario setting technology based on daily living demands which only require “one touch” that all operations are controlled in our hands.

Special preferential policy in October

The investor is currently applying a special incentive program for buyers of Sunshine Sky City apartments in October. Specifically, customers will be given an interior package of up to 200 million when becoming the owner of the apartment. In addition, attractive incentive policies for fast payment customers are also applied in this phase.

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