Discovery of the closed facility belt at Sunshine Sky City

You shall be “”offered” an ecosystem when buying an apartment

Following the current real estate trend, urban areas always focus on the green areas in the internal area. With the status of a luxury project, Sunshine Sky City is even better than that, bringing a green lifestyle satisfying resort standard to modern-time residents. Choosing to settle here means that customers are “offered” a rich ecosystem for their living space.

Entering the project, customers will be overwhelmed with lush green spaces and water surface of 12,000m2 including the internal river system, landscape lakes flooding the area, arranged among green patches of diverse trees. Whether you walk by the park, stand on the balcony for getting some fresh air or take a dip in the cool pool water, the shade of green trees always appears to bring the fresh and airy atmosphere in the harsh sunlight of Sai Gon.

Green color and surface water area floods Sunshine Sky City

As a form of relaxing on Weekends, residents may take a walk on the elevated walkway to admire the entire ecosystem that you own, listen to the music of water from colorful waterfalls, admire sunlight in sunset that gradually alleys to feel the full peace even though Sai Gon is still busy with scramble. Or if you prefer to sit alone in a peaceful corner, the sky garden with an area of 70m2 with various flowers and rich plants will definitely be an ideal refuge for romantic souls.

Outside the project is the romantic Ca Cam River, residents may organize BBQ parties and enjoy peaceful moments with family without spending hours on going to suburban resorts. Living in the middle of that space, your family life shall be fresher; your spirit life shall be happier, creating the balance that is very difficult to find in the busy city

… and the available facility system

Located in the central area of Phu My Hung – the heart of South Sai Gon, Sunshine Sky City inherits a modern transport infrastructure and the existing high-class facility network of this area. With just less than 3 minutes, residents can easily move to major shopping centers, amusement parks, entertainment centers such as Crescent Mall, SC VivoCity, Sai Gon Exhibition and Convention Center  (SECC); Hospitals such as Franco-Vietnamese Hospital, Tam Duc Heart Hospital and an International school system of Japan, Korea, Taipei, …

According to experts, Sai Gon South is one of the areas owning the most world-class facilities in the city. Moreover, Phu My Hung is the leading development area in Southern Sai Gon, therefore it is not necessary for Sunshine Sky City residents to worry about external facilities.

Currently, Phu My Hung is paid attention on its transport infrastructure. Specifically, outstanding projects are Ca Cam Bridge with an investment of nearly 4 million USD or expansion of Nguyen Van Linh route. When these projects are completed, Phu My Hung will be enhanced its connectivity ability with the central area and neighboring provinces.

The high-class facility chain at Sunshine Sky City forms a closed belt

In addition to the synchronous external infrastructure, the internal areas of the project also have nearly 13,000m2 intended for facility system for all needs (study, shopping, entertainment): such as the international – standard Sunshine Maple Bear Preschool, S – Mart supermarket chain, S- Fitness and Spa (Gym, yoga and beauty care) equipped with modern equipment, high-class comfort services, … In addition, the project also owns the modern items such as: infinity pool, multi-purpose sports ground, Rooftop City Bar, art overflow waterfall, four-season flower garden, 4-5D cinema … The special thing is that all these facilities are guaranteed by the members of Sunshine Group, therefore the quality is always the same.

To bring a more comfortable living experience, the entire interior of the apartment are from famous European brands with sophisticated gold-plated details. Even when not at home, residents can still control and manage the smart devices in apartments through the Smart Home application on smartphones. More breakthrough, not only stopping at the usual Smart Home, the Investor shall provide technology solutions 4.0 – Smart Living at Sunshine Sky City. Accordingly, when receiving a house, residents will experience the technological privilege with 4 solution groups of to serve residents’ life in the direction of automation, including: (1) smart parking, (2) smart security / security system, (3) smart home  and (4) smart management.

Smart Home inherent in Smart Living of Sunshine Group satisfies all residents’ demand

This new and preeminent step makes Sunshine Group become one of the pioneers in developing an advanced and modern “Smart Home attached to Smart Living” model to catch up with the trend of Intertet of things (IoT) trend.  which is booming globally.

With the above advantages, Sunshine Sky City is considered as the most livable urban area in Southern Sai Gon and promises to be the first choice for the upper class in the magnificent city.

Special preferential policy in October

Customers who buy an apartment of Sunshine Sky City in October shall be offered with interior packages of up to 200 million Vietnam dong. In addition, attractive preferential policies for customers who make fast payment are also applied in this phase.

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