Knock at the door of the smartest home in Sai Gon

According to experts’ evaluation, when the world is coming into the Internet of things’ era (IoTs), connecting everything through Internet, Smart Home – smart houses will become the indispensable technology trend, the standard of a modern house. Not only Smart Home, Vietnam real estate market has acknowledged the appearance of technology projects with a great number of breakthroughs, even it is further than that people expected in a normal smart house. Smart Home combining with Smart Living is becoming the target, showing numerous people’s level and their trendy sense.

To visualize fully about “the dreamlike” life in Smart Home with Smart Living ecosystem, let’s  “knock” and experience the smartest house in Sai Gon named Sunshine Sky City with us, the investor of Sunshine Group, the pioneer in bringing 4.0 Technology into real estate,

Sunshine Sky City is exactly colletion of Sai Gon’s smartest houses.

Smart apartments penetrate owner’s feelings.

Building smart apartments with a classy Smart Living ecosystem severely, Sunshine Sky City not only makes customers and invetors welcome solicitingly, but also show “ the level” of one of cooperations, desended from techonology, be always the pioneer and leader in applying 4.0 revolution’s achievements to real estate.

Sunshine Sky City’s apartments bring residents a dreamlike technology life.

Technology in each Sunshine apartment is not only automatical machines, but also optimally serving penertration based on owner’s habits, feelings and needs.

It can be appreantly expressed when entering into the project. The first impression of Sunshine Sky City’s visitors is smart parking system- Smart Parking. Understanding of the hardness of the residents who finds parking lot in difficulty when coming home from work, Sunshine Group has applied automatic technology in booking parking lots in parking garage basement and giving priority for residents to have their’s regular parking lot to avoid driving all around at the basement of their building.

Moreover, this technology also supports locating and navigating the transport  to registed lot and auto-recognizing number-plates to help check-in/check-out process in a quick and safe way and reduce traffic jam in crowded check-out time.

Then, when you use elevators or enter into the project, security system – Smart Security will immediately bring you a standard safe feeling that “Home is the safest place”. With multi-layer control system, security cameras in a large number of places, apartment’s doors can be conveniently opened in various ways, including finger print without keys, facial identity system Face ID, etc. Smart Security not only meets the security demand, but also brings residents convenience.

Convenient Face ID technology combining with the feature of calling destinations for elevators to reinforce resident’ security and convenience.

And until when you come back your apartment, all the light system turned on, air-conditioner system as well as automatically-opened curtain system, seems to welcome the owner back. The owner can completely set a Sunshine Smart Home (smart house) scenario arbitrarily based on hobbies, needs and everyday life time for household equipment.

To talk about preeminent feature of Smart Home applicaton, investor’s representative of Sunshine Sky City said: “Luxury apartments are generally large, therefore it will take the owner much time to turn on or turn off the light and close or open curtain system when going out; even when you are out without knowing whether the air-conditioner is open or not, etc. Acknowldeging this, Smart Home system from Sunshine Group can help you to solve all above problems by a touch on your Smart phone.

It is known that, in the Sunshine Sky City project, each aprtment has up to 10 items with intergrated operation with the only application such as smart key, shaped ring, auto-curtain, air-conditioner, sensors, electricity, lighting and water meter, electric heater, etc. Especially, each detail chosen and executed detaily and synchronously, etc  by Sunshine Group makes differences from common Smart Home apartments in the market now.

 Perfect ecosytem for a convenient life.

Representative of Sunshine Group shared:  One thing which they are most proud of is technology products “ Made in Vietnam” produced by hands and intelligence of Research and Development engineers from Sunshine Group.Because while many other “big” real estate owners have to buy oversea technologies, Sunshine Group by itself chose the way of researching and developing advanced and modern products crystallizing Vietnam intelligence in order to minimize cost and to bring the best experience for customers, also create a substantial comparative advantage in the market.

Arcordingly, equipment in  apartment and project with the family name of “ Sunhine Group” applying Internet of things (Iot) have high extensibility. They also can connect to many other technologies (such as Google Assistamt, Alexa, etc.) which are not only modern and smart, but also synchronously designed and operated in the same Sunshine ecosystem.

Sunshine Sky City owns a  technology ecosystem which brings residents a vast of coveniences.

Apart from 3 groups of modern technology solution (including: Smart Parking, Smart Security, Smart Home), Sunshine Group brings out the smart data management system (Smart Management) so as to maximize every needs in resident’s everyday life.

Acordingly, becoming a resident of Sunshine Sky City, except from that you can order from a distance many services (house cleaning, repairment, medical examination booking, room booking,etc.), you can be provided with a versatile card intergrating various features conveniently. Not only used in entering the building, calling elevators and using utility services, the card is also intergrated with ATM feature. Besides, the card also connects to other Sunshine Group’s applications such as Sunshine Pay electronic wallet, Sunshine Cab luxury car calling application, etc to pay vital expenses like electricity and water cost, eating cost in restaurant, cinema, calling car cost and other costs, etc.

Beside interacting on Sunshine App, at the owner’s apartment, residents can use very smart equipment, Lobby phone. The first feature of Lobby Phone is calling out with directories saved in the system. The second is the e-mail box receiving regularly updated information from Building Management Board. The third is SOS feature for calling security guards or contacting technical repairing services in need.

Especially, Monitor feature on the screen allows the owners trace back the data from security cameras in public areas like swimming pool, restaurant or library, school, to check the situation in those places to schedule most reasonably for their family. Thanks to that, you can both take time to read books or release you soul along with sweet melodies right at your apartment and watch out where your children are playing in and how safe this place is.

Levelly, convenient and extremely smart are 3 adjectives to describe apprently about life in Sunshine Sky City. This is the reason why from the time of releasing, this project always draws much attention from both real estate investors and customers passionating about technology.

Special favour policy in October.

The investor is applying specail favour policy to customer buying Sunshine Sky City apartments in Ocotber, 2019. Detaily, customers will receive an interior package valued up to 200,000,000 VND when becoming the owner of apartment here. Additionally, attractive favour policies for customers making quick payment are applied in this time.

Contact hotline: 1800 6233