The first project in Sunshine Sky City has 100% apartments own a monolithic glass design from ceiling to floor like “sky villa”

Sunshine Sky City consists of 9 towers with the scale of more than 3,000 standard 5-star apartments. Each tower in this project is an “oasis” surrounded by a water surface of 12,000 m2 and a huge green space. Around the lake is a walking path with tropical gardens nearly 1,000 meters long.

The project impresses with its Low-E monolithic glass design that can block ultraviolet rays, cool air conditioners, good for health. Specifically, the entire space in front of the living room and the bedroom is designed the overflow glass to cover the entire facade, dragging from the ceiling to the floor. The design of monolithic overflow glass from ceiling to floor is one of the “key” and “expensive” standards that make the difference of the 5-star penthouse product line of super-luxury projects. In most projects, the number of penthouses can only be counted on the fingers.

With this design, the living room of Sunshine Sky City is designed as a 5-star hotel with a panoramic view of Ca Cam River, Phu My Hung, or a landscape lake and tropical garden chain in the project, without being shielded by clothes, hot and cold units at the balcony as can be seen in most projects on the market. At Sunshine Sky City, the glass-tiled, colorful and aesthetic buildings will replace the image of apartment buildings fluttering with unsettling clothes.

According to the representative of Sunshine Group: Most of Vietnam’s apartments only have an area of 1-3 m2. The area is too small, making it difficult for balconies to make a place to relax. The waste of balconies as a place to dry clothes, hiding the view of the living room is the general situation of many apartments, including high-class apartments on the market. Therefore, Sunshine Group has optimized the design to create an apartment without the “sloppy balcony”, expanding the 5-star living room space of the apartment.

In addition, the project also owns an impressive design when the average rate of corner apartments on a floor of a sky villa apartment reaches 100%, the percentage of corner apartments of ordinary apartment floors reaches 70%, i.e. there are 7 corner apartments for every 10 apartments.

To get this impressive figure, the investor of the project accepts to limit the number of apartments on a corridor of only 3-5 units. Particularly, some sky villas only have 2 apartments on a corridor. In addition, all apartments of this project are designed horizontally, and arranged up to 2 functional rooms vertically. On the other hand, if most of the corridors of apartment projects are designed with 2 air inlets, the corridor of Sunshine City is designed short with 4-6 light and air inlets.

To ensure every apartment is cool and fresh, Sunshine Group has spent hundreds of billions Vietnamese dong to develop 99 tropical gardens with a total scale of nearly 10,000 m2 in the heart of the towers. Specifically, on each individual apartment floor, the investor arranges a tropical garden with an area of 70 – 80 m2. According to the preliminary calculation, for every 10 apartments, a large garden is invested.

Sharing the decision to spend hundreds of billion Vietnamese dong to develop a complex of 99 tropical gardens, the investor’s representative said: “Despite a large area of greenery and water surface in a project, the inside apartments are still airtight. Therefore, Sunshine Group decides to develop nearly 100 tropical gardens in each tower, to bring fresh air to each apartment. Owning a number of records, the tropical gardens at Sunshine Sky City are designed as multi-style gardens with: rose gardens, Japanese-style meditation gardens, water gardens with lakes full of fish, orchid garden, cactus garden, temperate flower garden, etc.

The rooftop area of ​​the project is greened by a series of cloud pools, polar meditation gardens, aerial walkways, spice gardens, tropical parks, etc. The investor said: “The larger the area is taken to build the project, the more it will be compensated for by the greenery area and the larger water surface in the air. This huge area of ​​trees and water surface will help reduce the temperature of the project by 3-4 degrees compared to the average temperature of the surrounding environment.”

In terms of utilities, Sunshine Sky City is one of the best property projects in Ho Chi Minh City with lake landscape and park tens of thousands of m2, gardens hanging on each floor of apartments, overflowing waterfalls, areas resort with bungalow, dozens of restaurants and shophouse, four-season indoor pool, international preschool, etc. This is also the first project to use Face ID technology to identify residents’ faces and cameras are arranged throughout the ways to help prevent strangers from entering the project.