Sunshine Sky City offers customers many benefits at present

Scarcity of apartments supply, making the purchasing demand to the highest point

The most recent report of the Vietnam Association of Real Estate Brokers said that in the passing third quarter, the number of apartments eligible for sales according to the data of the Department of Construction of Ho Chi Minh City was 11,797 products. In which, new supply is 10,753 products; the trading volume is 10205 products. The absorption rate is 95%, “this is the highest absorption rate in Ho Chi Minh City ever”, according to the report of the Association of Brokers.

Explaining the reason for the scarcity of new supply of apartments for sale in Ho Chi Minh City, experts said, the long review and inspection process of city authorities makes it difficult for new projects to sell. The number of houses launched to the market strongly decreased, while the demand was still very strong.

Ho Chi Minh City market is in scarcity of the apartment supply (Image: Sunshine Sky City)

Due to limited supply, the high-end apartment segment has a large difference in price. Projects in the central area are offered with the price unit of about 100 million VND/m2, there are projects offer the price unit of 200-300 million VND / m2, projects in District 7, District 2 are offered with the price unit of from 60 to75 million VND/m2. According to the Association of Brokers, this price will continue to increase in the near future.

According to experts, the market is currently undergoing a strong purge; enterprises that can launch new products at the present time are all potential investors and especially projects with clean legal background.

Buying an apartment in Sunshine Sky City has never been so profitable

While the whole HCMC real estate market is scarce with new supply, Sunshine Group continuously launches apartments of Sunshine Sky City high-end project located in District 7, next to Phu My Hung urban area. Especially, the owner of Sunshine Group plays well when selling with the “big” policies, bringing “great bargains” to current apartment buyers.

Especially, to give special gratitude for apartment buyers, from October, the Owner and the distribution unit offer incentives with gifts of up to hundreds of millions of dong. Firstly, to build a community of happy residents, Sunshine Group has offered a gratitude program to customers who buy a second apartment or relatives (spouse, father, mother, siblings/parents, sisters and brother of spouse) buying more than 02 apartments will get a discount of 1% of the apartment value.

When buying Sunshine Sky City, customers shall get many preferential policies in October 2019

Along with the discount directly to the selling price, customers who buy Sunshine Sky City apartments and pay the full 10% value within 15 days of the deposit shall be favored by the Owner to get an interior package worth from 100-200 million dong. Along with this interior promotion package, the free service package within the first 2 years when customers move into Sunshine Sky City.

It can be said that apartment buyers shall get so many great incentives than ever as the total discounted amount is over VND 300 million for each apartment. This is also the reason why apartments in Sunshine Sky City have topped the liquidity table in Ho Chi Minh City in the passing periods.

It is known that Sunshine Sky City is located in the center of Phu My Hung, an area of gathering the knowledge and success community with the more and more complete transportation and connection infrastructure. Recently, People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has decided to choose the design option of Thu Thiem 4 Bridge, which is expected to become a new gateway connecting the East and South Saigon.

Sunshine Sky City is like a miniature smart city with a system of utilities like resorts, giving residents a fresh living experience in the heart of the city. Full range of amenities such as the multi-purpose sports ground, the park and the largest inter-city promenade, the art spill, the infinity pool, BBQ grill garden, library, Sunshine Mart supermarket system, S-Fitness system, spa, Sunshine Maple Bear preschool, indoor and outdoor children’s playground…

A corner of the green campus in Sunshine Sky City.

Each apartment here uses high-class materials with imported equipment such as noise and fire proofing doors of Europe, Kohler bathroom equipment, Eurowindow windows … In addition, the project has a cooperation of Progetto Lusso Industrial Cluster – Association of craft furniture manufacturers from Italy. Progetto Lusso will provide and consult apartment interior design packages according to each client’s unique needs.

At Sunshine Sky City, every utility can be managed and operated through the Sunshine Homes application developed by Sunshine Group, towards the “smart living” style of the 4.0 era.

It can be said that Sunshine Sky City is being considered “precious” and “rare” products in Ho Chi Minh City. With different utilities and breakthrough customer appreciation program in October, it is considered as a “bargain” for customers to quickly grasp the opportunity to buy an apartment right now.

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