The cost of owning an apartment in central of Sunshine Sky City

How much does it cost to buy Sunshine Sky City?

The average price of 2-bedroom apartments in Sunshine Sky City is an average of VND 4 billion / unit. Setting in the context of the project location, high quality of life, high-class facilities, this is the price which is worth considering making a purchase. In addition, the investor also set up a flexible payment method, with the lightest payment margin for customers and preferential financial packages when combined with VPBank.

A corner of Sunshine Sky City project is greatly invested in utilities

For customers who use their own finance to buy Sunshine Sky City apartments, within the first 7 months, customers will pay 25% of the total apartment value and sign a sales contract. After that, each month, customers only have to pay 2.5%/month until the date of receiving the notification of handover from the investor.

For those who do not have “available” idle money, the preferential financial package from VPBank is the perfect solution for the dream of owning Sunshine Sky City apartment to come true. In specific, VPBank applies a loan amount of up to 75% of the total value of the apartment in 35 years. Particularly, customers will enjoy 0% interest rate during the interest rate incentive period and free early repayment.

For example, for 2-bedroom apartments costing about VND 4 billion / unit, customers only pay 10% of the original value, equivalent to about VND 400 million. For the next portion, the bank will support 70% disbursement within 30 days. For the rest amount, the investor flexibly extends the payment time up to 7 months from the date the bank disburses. Thus, with the initial finance of 400 million, customers can fully own an apartment in Sunshine Sky City.

This is considered to be a good payment method that few other projects are currently applying. Since then, the opportunity to own the dream home in Sunshine Sky City has been expanded. Especially the young families, the intellectuals are moving towards the trend of modern and comfortable living.

Is it worth making a purchase?

Sunshine Sky City is located near the intersection of Phu Thuan and Huynh Tan Phat, downtown District 7. Huynh Tan Phat is one of the main roads connecting District 7 to other central districts of the city such as Q4, Q1, Q2 . This is considered to be the most arterial route of District 7 besides Nguyen Van Linh and Nguyen Thi Thap and it takes about 20-25 minutes to move to the working areas in the centre.

Phu Thuan Street is the main route connecting the project with Phu My Hung – the most civilized urban area in the South. The project is also easily connected to the abundant utilities around the area such as Crescent Mall, VivoCity Mall, Saigon SECC Exhibition and Fair Center, FV Hospital, Tam Duc Heart Hospital; International school system of Japan, Korea, Taipei. Being adjacent Phu My Hung will help Sunshine Group residents use the dual utility belt inside and outside the project.

Inside the project, residents will enjoy fresh living space with flower parks, green walkways, and dreamlike hanging gardens on the upper floors. This is the fact that many green areas not only bring a beautiful view to the project but also have an effective effect on protecting the health of residents, increasing relaxation, minimizing daily stress.

At Sunshine Sky City, the water element is a harmonious combination of the internal river system and the lake at the core of the project landscape, along with dreamy Ca Cam River has brought fresh air to the residents. In the middle of the landscape lakes, the investor also constructs walking routes which allow owners of Sunshine Sky City apartment to walk, rest and relax and enjoy life after busy working days.

The design of an apartment at Sunshine Sky City

Other facilities such as garden cafe, library, restaurant, indoor pool, infinity pool on the roof are also the most standard investment for residents’ enjoyment. Along with that, a convenient supermarket, Sunshine Maple Bear International Kindergarten, gym-fitness area and spa meet all the requirements of the living standards.

Sunshine Sky City is also a pioneering project in Saigon South invested with ultimate living technology with the “Smart Living 4.0” ecosystem. With “Smart Living”, an apartment is not just Smart Home – a smart apartment with remote controlled devices. It is a closed technology system with 4 groups of solutions, including: Smart Parking – an intelligent parking area with the ability to automatically select and notify the vacancy when the vehicle arrives at the parking lot; Smart Security – Smart multi-layer protection with Face ID technology that recognizes the face of the owner; Smart Home is investing in the latest equipment; Smart Management – a scenario setting technology based on daily needs, with just “one touch” of all operations at hand.

Special preferential policy in October

The investor is currently applying a special preferential program for buyers of Sunshine Sky City apartments in October. Specifically, customers will be given an interior package of up to 200 million when becoming the owner of the apartment. In addition, attractive incentive policies for fast payment customers are also applied in this phase.

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