28 09/2019
Enjoying the top-notch daily life at Sunshine Sky City

It is “different” completely from other high-end projects, Sunshine Sky City has redefined the house – the usual “residence” into a resort in the heart of the bustling city, bringing a high-class lifestyle and marking a new step in establishing the first “resort home” model in Vietnam.

26 09/2019
Sunshine Sky City: Journey to create a high standard of living

When technology is applied to the end, when the needs of the customers are listened to and understood, that is the time when the high standard of living is created! And this is what Sunshine Homes is proving to Saigon people with Sunshine Sky City!

04 09/2019
Surprise on real estate market: It is still strong liquidated even though the high price of project

According to CBRE Vietnam Company, in the context of strong economic development, middle and upper […]

06 08/2019
“Best luxury apartment project 2019” built roof for the first building

Sunshine Sky City is a project that is evaluated by experts as “the best luxury […]

31 07/2019
Real estate prospects of Ho Chi Minh City: Investment point attracting foreign capital

The promising figures show that the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City is receiving great attention from foreign investors. The problem is that what the project developer will do to welcome the wave and stimulate investment “taste” of this foreign line.

26 07/2019
Sunshine Group won 5 awards at Dot Property VietNam Awards 2019

On July 25, at the Dot Property VietNam Awards 2019 award ceremony, surpassing many big names in the field of real estate, Sunshine Group was honored in the top five most important prize categories.